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Who are we?

4 Arts in a fully inclusive multi-arts centre based in Dunfermline that works to encourage members of our community of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to access and participate in the arts – to gain creative confidence and to challenge barriers through integration and innovation.

We are a receptive organisation who understands the needs of our communities – because we communicate listen and care. A key strand of our strategy is to remain flexible and open to new partnerships. This approach means that if you have an idea regarding community projects, then you can drop in, run it by our team and we’ll find a way to make your vision a reality.

Our team consists of hand-picked arts professionals who have the rare ability to lead on courses that consist of clients with wide-ranging abilities. Some of our classes are more suitable for people with mental health issues, while other classes may suit wheel chair users. However most of our classes are designed so that everyone can join in, regardless of their ability.

We attract retired doctors, the elderly, the unemployed, students and people with wide-ranging abilities who just want to create art of an excellent standard.

We believe that our innovative and sustainable approach to delivering arts-based programmes will have a regenerative impact on our communities and beyond.